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Vaccine Hesitant in California?

“I’m not 100% anti vaccine, I’m not 100% pro vaccine, I’m 100% pro Child. I’m really looking for what’s best for that individual child. Because we do know that there are going to be some risks including possible family history of autoimmunity, underlying methylation or mitochondrial system dysfunction, that needs to be corrected first before any medical intervention can be done safely.”

-Dr. Elisa Song, California-licensed, board-certified, Stanford-, NYU, & UCSF-trained pediatrician

I really love this quote from holistic and functional medicine minded pediatrician Elisa Song. Unfortunately, so much of the vaccine conversation has become polarized to the point that anyone who questions the blanket statement that "vaccines are safe" is labeled anti science and completely misguided. When people make this statement, that "vaccines are safe," the first thing I think of is peanut butter. Is peanut butter safe for all to consume? What is a healthy and nutritious snack for one individual, could make another person seriously ill or even kill them. While this is not an exact equivalency, I believe it gets my point across. Every body is different, and to assume that something that works for one body should work for all is inherently problematic. And then to make that something mandatory for all, well now are in the territory of California and SB 276.

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